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Access to Technical info

Access to vehicle repair and maintenance information (RMI)

European legislation requires that vehicle manufacturers provide independent operators (ie. repairers, manufacturers or distributors of repair equipment, tools or spare parts, publishers of technical information, automobile clubs, roadside assistance operators, operators offering inspection and testing services, operators offering training for installers, manufacturers and repairers of equipment for alternative fuel vehicles) with access to information on vehicle repair and maintenance.
The aim of these legislative provisions is to ensure free and fair competition on the automotive aftermarket and provide around 270 million motorists in the EU with the freedom to choose where and by whom their vehicles should be serviced.

For light duty vehicles, such as passenger cars, access to RMI for independent operators is regulated by the Euro 5 legislation. For heavy duty vehicles (HDV) the Euro VI legislation applies. Similar legislation is being developed or finalised, respectively for T-CAT (agricultural and forestry vehicles) and L-CAT (motorcycles) vehicles.