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As part of the Digital Single Market strategy, the European Commission has launched the initiative “Building a European data economy” under the lead of DG CONNECT and Commissioner Ansip (previously Commissioner Oettinger). The initiative aims at fostering the best possible use of the potential of digital data to benefit the economy and society. In the context of such initiative the European Commission is examining restrictions to the free flow of data to achieve a European single market and potential barriers to an efficient use and re-use of data across borders and across business sectors.

The European Commission adopted  a Communication on building a European data economy on 10 January 2017, based on the conclusions of the previous Communication on data-driven economy (2014).

This new Communication and the accompanying Staff Working Document address issues on free flow of data/data localisation. They also look into emerging legal issues in the context of new data technologies (e.g. access, liability, portability). These legal issues include access to and transfer of non-personal machine-generated data; data liability, portability of non-personal data, interoperability and standards.

On the basis of these documents, the Commission is organising a dialogue with stakeholders, including a public consultation. This will help identify policy measures that would unleash Europe’s data economy in a Digital Single Market and will help shaping the future policy agenda. Results will feed into the Commission’s possible future initiative on the European Data Economy in 2017.

FIGIEFA POSITION: For more information please read our Memorandum on ”Free Flow of Data” (attached document to be uploaded in the website)

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