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Vision, Mission, Action

Our mission is to make sure that European Union’s and United Nations’ legislations impacting the automotive aftermarket preserve the interests of independent, multi-brand businesses. This means reviewing and commenting legislations initiated by these institutions, but also trigger these institutions to start working on some specific issues if needed.

Access to data

Connected cars allow innovative remote functions that enable multiple new use cases and business models. Remote access to highly granular in-vehicle data enables advanced analytics including predictive failure analysis, driving style analysis and highly accurate analytics on wear and tear of components. 

Our contribution to road mobility

The independent automotive aftermarket in general, and distributors of spare parts in particular, play a crucial role in making everyday’s road mobility affordable, safe and sustainable.


With the rise of connected and automated driving on one side, and the general increase of new cyberthreats on the other side, legislators worldwide felt the need to introduce regulation for addressing the issue of cybersecurity in the automotive sector.


Our priorities

FIGIEFA’s core objectives is to make sure that the independent automotive aftermarket can produce and market innovative and competitive services and solutions matching consumers’ expectations


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The sector

The independent automotive aftermarket in general, and spare parts distribution in particular, is a vibrant sector making road mobility ever more affordable and more sustainable.

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Members & Partnerships

FIGIEFA brings together 19 national associations and 6 international trading groups. It also partners with numerous stakeholders in a number of dedicated fora and alliances. Thanks to this dense network, FIGIEFA is at the core of European and international policies impacting the automotive aftermarket.