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FIGIEFA daily operations are managed by its Board and its Secretariat, working hands in hands and reporting regularly to all Members.

Board of Directors

Cor Baltus (RAI – Netherlands)

Walter Birner (VFT – Austria)

Lawrence Bleasdale (IAAF – United Kingdom)

Board Members

  • Joaquim Candeias (ACAP – Portugal)
  • Mads Engberg (AUTIG – Denmark)
  • Warren Espinoza (ATR)
  • Bastian Müller (GVA – Germany)
  • Mathieu Séguran (FEDA – France)
  • Anıl Yücetürk (OSS – Turkey)


Sylvia  Gotzen

Sylvia Gotzen

Chief Executive
English, French, German
Ronan  McDonagh

Ronan McDonagh

Technical Director
English, Japanese
Álvaro de la Cruz

Álvaro de la Cruz

Head of Communication
English, French, Spanish
Eléonore van Haute

Eléonore van Haute

Senior Advisor Government Affairs
Dutch, English, French, Spanish
Laurence  Eeckhout

Laurence Eeckhout

Senior Adviser Legal & Statutory Affairs
Dutch, English, French
Alessandro  Salimbeni

Alessandro Salimbeni

Senior Policy Advisor
English, French, Italian
Pierre  Thibaudat

Pierre Thibaudat

Governmental Affairs & Communication Manager
English, French, German
Hari  Ramakrishnan

Hari Ramakrishnan

Technical Advisor
Mona  Wiig

Mona Wiig

Office Manager
English, French, Norwegian
Antonina  Campellone

Antonina Campellone

Administrative Officer
English, French, Italian, Spanish