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AFCAR: FIGIEFA, together with six other European associations of the automotive aftermarket, is an active member of AFCAR (the Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair in the EU). AFCAR aims at promoting access to technical information and more generally to all features that allow all the multi-brand aftermarket operators to perform repair and maintenance services.

The members of the AFCAR Alliance are: ADPA, AIRC, CECRA, EGEA, FIA , FIGIEFA, Leaseurope 

R2RC: FIGIEFA participates in the Right to Repair Campaign (R2RC). Initiated in 2007, this worldwide campaign is a major communication tool that aims at maintaining a level-playing field in the automotive aftermarket, advocating for the access to technical information, replacement parts, multi-brand diagnostic tools and test equipment, and training needed to ensure quality repair and maintenance services, at affordable prices. The R2RC is now entering in its second phase, a ‘Right to Connect Campaign’ (R2CC), whose goal is to work for fair digitalisation chances. Access to in-vehicle data and vehicle functions is needed to ensure competition and innovation in digital products and services. The campaign is run under the slogan “Direct access driving progress”.

ECAR: FIGIEFA as Member of the ECAR Alliance (European Campaign for the Freedom of the Automotive Parts and Repair Market) strives to achieve an open market for visible spare parts in the EU. The key objective of ECAR is to ensure that legislation in the field of design protection duly safeguards consumers’ freedom to choose among a wide range of visible spare parts for the repair of their vehicle. ECAR’s goal is the introduction of a “Repairs Clause” in the European Directive 98/71/EC on the legal protection of design rights. Click here for more.