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Our activities

New Competition Law Framework

Brochure – The new competition law framework for the automotive aftermarket – Right to Repair Campaign, 2010

Euro 5/6 passenger cars type-approval legislation

Explanatory Brochure – The “EURO 5/6” Comitology Amendments on vehicle repair information – AFCAR Alliance, 2010

Telematics and the automotive aftermarket

Brochure 2013 – Telematics and the Automotive Aftermarket – Maintaining equal opportunities for all participants in the automotive aftermarket

Free Flow of Data

Brochure 2016 – Free Flow of Data – Commission Communication – Input from the Independent Automotive Aftermarket

OEM 3rd Party Telematics – General Analysis

To assess the technological feasibility of guaranteeing fair and undistorted competition in the automotive digital aftermarket, several European associations representing independent operators and consumers have commissioned a study to Knobloch & Gröhn, a technology consultancy.

Policy Event – Connected mobility services at the crossroads – Now, which route to take?

Europe is on its way to connected and automated driving, and vehicles become the new mobility and services hub. This puts the EU at a crossroads: Will the future market for connected and automated mobility in general still be able to support innovation, competition and consumer choice?

Manifesto for fair digitalisation opportunities

Broad industry coalition calls upon EU decision makers to ACT NOW to ensure a genuine digital level-playing field for remote access to in-vehicle data.Competition, innovation and consumer interests must be at the heart of the EU Digital Single Market.

FIGIEFA provides its feedback on the roadmap for the evaluation of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption Regulation

FIGIEFA is pleased to comment on the evaluation roadmap and confirms the important role of the sec-tor specific rules for maintenance & repair services and the distribution of spare parts. The MVBER and the Guidelines provided in practice protection against a number of distortions. Both currently serve as an important framework which allows e.g. OE parts producers to supply independent parts distributors and the independent and authorised aftermarket. Also, parts suppliers’ right to brand their OE products with their own logo (dual branding) and the definition of ‘original and matching quality parts’ has an important effect in the market helping to demonstrate the true origin and quality of parts to consumers and their competitive choices. Hence, hard-core restrictions serve an important purpose.

FIGIEFA contribution to the EDPB consultation on draft guidelines for data privacy in the context of connected vehicles

We welcome the EDPB Guidelines which bring important clarifications on the processing of personal data in the context of connected vehicles and mobility related applications.

Euro VI Heavy Duty Vehicles type-approval legislation

Brochure – Access to vehicle repair & maintenance information for heavy duty vehicles – AFCAR Alliance, 2011

Cyber-Security Concept for a secure Onboard Telematics Platform

Connected vehicles offer the the possibility to exchange data with different actors, in particular automotive suppliers, e.g. for remote and predictive maintenance and repair. In order to allow communication with multiple partners, an Open Telematics Platform (OTP) needs to be implemented on vehicles, enabling multiple parties to access the vehicle data. The remote access to vehicle needed to enable such services yield various attack surfaces. For instance, an unauthenticated party may access private vehicle data (e.g. the driver’s route history). In order to address these attacks surfaces, the UNECE WP29 and the ISO/SAE 21434 require OEMs, suppliers and parties accessing the vehicle to establish security risk management supporting the vehicles security lifecycle on technical and organizational level. On a technical level, a set of cybersecurity measures must be implemented to restrict the vehicle access to authenticated parties and to manage this access for the whole lifecycle of the vehicle. On an organizational level, processes to assess risks and treat them according to their severity are required.

FIGIEFA is working for you…

A vast majority of the legislation for the automotive aftermarket is decided at European Union’s or at United Nations’ levels. They have a direct impact on your business. A single wrong, inaccurate or misplaced word could put the entire sector out of business. A strong political representation is needed to avoid that risk.

New EU Data Framework can drive a wave of innovation in the European automotive and mobility services eco-system

European Independent Service Providers welcome a very positive dialogue with Commissioner Thierry Breton

Statement on Russian invasion & war in Ukraine

Brussels, 9 May 2022 - FIGIEFA has been closely following the recent developments triggered by the invasion that Russia initiated against Ukraine and that millions of innocent citizens are now victim of. Already after a couple of weeks, this war has developed into a humanitarian catastrophe. The Russian aggression is also directly harming businesses represented by FIGIEFA’s Members, their employees, and their families. FIGIEFA Members are giving financial support to refugees, but also particularly assist families from Ukrainian parts distribution outlets.

Talents4AA: creation of a professional association aiming to attract and retain talents

Paris, March 23rd, 2022 – After 2 years of preliminary work and exchanges, the Talents4AA association was officially created in Paris (France) in March 2022 with the aim of attracting and retaining talents of all ages and origins, in all professions, in one of the most attractive sectors: the Automotive Aftermarket.

European Commission’s proposal for Data Act welcomed, but robust automotive-specific legislation urgently required

Brussels, 23 February 2022 – A broad coalition representing a wide range of major automotive aftermarket stakeholders, as well as operators in the mobility services value chain, consumers, the insurance and the tyre industries welcomes today’s publication of the proposal by the European Commission for a European Union’s Data Act.

Security Concept for an Interoperable Telematics Platform

Nowadays modern vehicles are connected (WAN-Connection) to various systems outside the core vehicle network like, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) networks and/or also using the Internet for communication with different servers (service provider server, vehicle manufacturer server). Usually, these exchanges of data are controlled by a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) which serves as an information gateway in the vehicle, where it is connected to both the wireless link via a GSM module or even more sophisticated cellular communication technologies (UMTS, LTE) and internally to the vehicle’s communication busses and to the physical OBD II connector or through a vehicle manufacturer’s proprietary interface.

For a resilient automotive aftermarket ensuring sustainable European mobility

Together with six associations representing different sectors of the automotive servicing and mobility value chain, which brings together more than 500.000 SMEs and 4,3 million jobs, as well as the umbrella association of European SMEs, FIGIEFA has published today a set of 12 measures for the recovery and post-COVID-19 period.

Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access in the interest of consumers: Secure On-board Telematics Platform Approach

Brussels, 30 March 2021 – A large coalition representing automotive dealers, aftermarket and consumers is calling on the European Union to take on board its proposal for a Secure On-board Telematics Platform (S-OTP) when legislating on access to in-vehicle data. In the detailed document, “Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Secure On-board Telematics Platform Approach”, publishers of technical information, body repairers, dealers and workshops, garage equipment suppliers, tyre manufacturers, road patrols, parts distributors and leasing and rental companies, as well as consumers, provide technical and commercial arguments sustaining their recommendation


FIGIEFA is at the core of numerous alliances and forums working on the aftermarket issues. It allows us to play a leading role in the defence of the wider independent automotive aftermarket.

Vehicle Maintenance, Service and Repair During the Warranty Period

Practical guide for independent aftermarket operators and consumers

Manifesto for Fair Digitalisation Opportunities

Broad coalition calls upon EU decision makers to put forward legislation by 2020 ensuring a genuine digital level-playing field for remote access to in-vehicle data and functions. 

Survey – Impact of COVID-19 on independent spare parts distributors

The COVID-19 had a fast and disruptive impact on the European Union, its people and its companies. The unprecedented human impact is closely followed by an important economic and social shockwave, which magnitude can be compared with the 2007 financial crisis, if not more. Necessary lockdown measures had a huge and immediate impact on the consumption of households, which could be reinforced in the near future with the job losses. SMEs, with limited liquidities, are particularly at risk.

Creating a level playing field for vehicle data access: Time for an ambitious legislation!

Brussels, 13 September 2021 – Ahead of the European Commission’s Workshop on “Access to In-Vehicle Data” on 17 September 2021, a broad coalition representing automotive aftermarket operators, vehicle dealers, mobility services and consumers urges the European Commission to publish an ambitious  legislative proposal on access to in-vehicle data by the first quarter of 2022 at the latest.


FIGIEFA publishes regularly different documents to explain and precise its position on various issues.


FIGIEFA organises various events with market operators, stakeholders and policy makers, to discuss and explain the needs and position of the wider aftermarket.