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New EU Data Framework can drive a wave of innovation in the European automotive and mobility services eco-system

23 Jun 2022

New EU Data Framework can drive a wave of innovation in the European automotive and mobility services eco-system

European Independent Service Providers welcome a very positive dialogue with Commissioner Thierry Breton

Companies representing 4.5 million jobs in the automotive sector across Europe have welcomed a very positive exchange with the European Commission on ensuring #innovation in the #automotive and #mobility sector as European regulators set the rules that will define the industry for at least a decade to come.

The Independent Service Providers (ISPs) group welcome a very positive exchange with Commissioner Thierry Breton on how the #DataAct and forthcoming sector-specific regulation can create the space for rapid vehicle-generated data innovation in the European automotive and mobility eco-system.

The ISPs welcomed this approach and the positive enabling framework created by the Data Act. The group agreed with the Commissioner on the pressing need for the Commission proposal of a Data Act to be adopted as soon as possible by the European Parliament and Council and the sector-specific automotive regulation on access to in-vehicle data & resources to be adopted prior to the European elections in May 2024.

Bastian Mueller, Board Member of FIGIEFA and one of the participants, explained: “The opportunity for Europe is vast. With unfettered and secure access to vehicle-generated data & resources, there is so much value the businesses we represent can create in the automotive and mobility ecosystem. The fact that the Commission has opted to make this the first area for sector-specific regulation under the Data Act reflects the pressing need to get the right legislation in place as rapidly as possible.”

Each of the ISPs shared use cases with the Commissioner from their part of the eco-system leading to a vibrant discussion about the driving role automotive and mobility services innovation can play in Europe’s digital and sustainable transition over the next ten years and beyond, including in a rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) world.

The ISPs re-affirmed their strong intent to support the work of the Commission, European Parliament and Council to ensure the timely adoption of the Data Act and “gold-standard” sector-specific legislation, likely to the first of its kind globally. The ISPs urge as well the Commission to publish the sector specific proposal by the end of this year to allow the ordinary legislative procedure to proceed in due time.