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Vision, Mission, Action


Our vision is to ensure that customers across Europe, whether individuals, business or public entities, can continue to move around in the most affordable, safest and most sustainable way.

The existence of independent, multi-brand businesses for the repair and maintenance of vehicles is essential to maintain competition and make sure that competitive and innovative services and solutions are developed and marketed.

We firmly believe that European and international legislations are playing a key role to this regard.


Our mission is to make sure that European Union’s and United Nations’ legislations impacting the automotive aftermarket preserve the interests of independent, multi-brand businesses.

This means reviewing and commenting legislations initiated by these institutions, but also trigger these institutions to start working on some specific issues if needed.


Among others, FIGIEFA:

  • monitors and accompanies processes leading to the adoption of new European or international legislations impacting the automotive aftermarket;
  • provides legal, technical and business expertise to the decision-makers to enlighten their decisions;
  • participates in all the relevant public and business fora whose work and decisions are impacting the automotive aftermarket;
  • raises awareness of these decision-makers on the great contribution of the independent aftermarket to the economy and to road mobility, and the challenges that our sector is facing;
  • works in close cooperation with fellow European and international partners pursuing similar objectives.