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FIGIEFA’s role is to monitor and accompany the development of European and International legislation affecting the automotive aftermarket and to represent the interests of its members towards European and international institutions. We inform European decision-makers about the substantial contribution of the independent automotive aftermarket to achieving the EU’s goals for a competitive European economy, the environment and road safety. The market for vehicle replacement parts, servicing and repair fosters job creation, supports a healthy environment and promotes free consumer choice in auto care.

Our objectives

FIGIEFA aims at maintaining free and effective competition in the market for vehicle replacement parts, servicing and repair. European policy actions must ensure an equal level playing field for the independent automotive aftermarket, which is part of the automotive industry and which account for more than 500.000 companies employing more than 4,3 million people across Europe and offering services to 284 million vehicle owners and business operators alike . The European legislative framework needs to support the entire lifecycle of a vehicle, thereby assuring continuous mobility and downstream supplies, from first acquisition and mobility over the lifetime of the vehicle.

In this perspective, full access to technical information, the freedom to source and supply replacement parts as well as diagnostic tools and test equipment is most crucial for all market operators to exert their professions and to be able to offer their competitive products and services for the benefit of motoring consumers. Only this ensures drivers the right to decide where to have their vehicle serviced and repaired. Such rights require that vehicle manufacturers efficiently and affordably make available to independent operators all software, tools and repair information needed to service the vehicle.

Our activities

To achieve this goal FIGIEFA’s activities include the following:

  • monitoring European and UN/ECE legislative projects that have an impact on the freedom of all market operators to supply or purchase automotive replacement parts, and to have access to technical information;
  • raising awareness of decision-makers on the importance of effective competition in the automotive aftermarket, for the benefit of motorist consumers, and on the key role played by the independent parts distribution;
  • following new developments in vehicle technology and their impact on the ‘reparability’ of vehicles and on the market of vehicle spare parts, servicing and repair.
  • cooperating jointly with aftermarket associations outside of Europe to promote these goals worldwide and to advocate for a regulatory alignment in the field of automotive industry and aftermarket standards and regulations