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FIGIEFA “Connected Car” video released!

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

FIGIEFA is pleased to announce the release of its video on “The Connected Car – How to ensure fair and competitive mobility throughout Europe”. The ‘Connected Car’ video explains how telematics will soon affect the aftermarket value chain and other related industries.

The introduction of telematics, accelerated by the European eCall project, will revolutionise the way vehicles are serviced and repaired, enabling vehicle manufacturers to get real-time information about vehicles’ health status. This will give vehicle manufacturers a game changing advantage, as independent operators do currently not have the same access in the same timescale. As things stand, only vehicle manufacturers would thus be able to decide who has access to the vehicle and its data, which services will be allowed, under what conditions – and for what price.

This is why FIGIEFA and many other sector associations, as well consumer organisations, leasing companies and the European insurance industry, call for the implementation of an open, interoperable, standardised and secure in-vehicle platform. In this way, a level playing field is ensured, allowing the independent parts and repair sector to compete with the vehicle manufacturers to the benefit of the consumer and the wider economy.