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FIGIEFA and key consumer and automotive aftermarket associations

Friday, 05 August 2016

With view to the discussions in Brussels on the “connected and automated cars” and following the Europe-wide mandatory introduction of ‘eCall’ from 2018, that will accelerate the deployment of telematics technology and the development towards the ‘smart connected car’, major of key motorist consumer and automotive aftermarket associations have launched a European Manifesto for Fair Access to the Vehicle in a Digital Single Market.

With this Manifesto, FIGIEFA together with its colleagues, is calling upon the European institutions to recognise the competitive role of telematics for the automotive aftermarket and to empower consumers to choose partners to whom and for which purpose they will give their data. This means enabling independent operators to offer competitive digital products and services by protecting their right of direct access to in-vehicle real-time data/information and of online communication through standardised, interoperable and secure telematics interfaces.

‘Competition neutrality by technical design’ is required to preserve entrepreneurial independence and maintain a level playing field in the digital era.

Further informations

Please contact Sylvia Gotzen, Secretary General