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AFCAR at European Parliament's Public Hearing

27 Oct 2022

Last Wednesday, October 26, the European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy held a public hearing entitled ‘Data Act: creating growth and innovation’. AFCAR, the Alliance for the Freedom of Car Repair to which FIGIEFA is a proud member, represented by its secretariat coordinator Sylvia Gotzen, was one of the five stakeholders to present in a session with Members of the Parliament that was live-streamed.

The aim of this hearing was to engage in an open debate with relevant stakeholders on the key provisions on business-to-consumer and business-to-business data sharing.

Sylvia Gotzen asserted that, first of all, AFCAR fully supports the Data Act and its principles, and that it will be an important piece of legislation which establishes the rights of Users to access their data from their connected products.

She also mentioned that "users not only need effective access to their data, but their chosen service providers need an efficient way to retrieve them. AFCAR commented on the scope of data on Trade Secrets, Interoperability requirements, and the Fairness Tests.