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21 Oct 2022

Represented by our colleague Eléonore van Haute, FIGIEFA was part of the panel about 'ECU maintenance: the best practices, the right equipment'.

Eléonore explained how, since July, there has been a new regulation for cybersecurity (R-155) that obliges manufacturers to put in place protective measures for their vehicles and that these measures must not create barriers to access to technical information for repair.

She also mentioned that, in 2018, Euro 5 and Euro 6 were consolidated in the new homologation regulation applied to light vehicles, trucks, trailers and electric vehicles. Manufacturers must now make available to independent operators any technical information for repair and maintenance.

Finally, on the Data Act, she explained how the Commission's proposal intends to give the choice to users to allow third-party access to the data generated by their connected product. Eléonore recalled that this horizontal act is fundamental for the principle of access to data but for the automotive sector, there is a real need for a complementary specific regulation in order to have access to the data generated by the vehicle, the functions and resources of the vehicle, and in a direct and real-time way.